Sunny Hills “year round aquatics”

Incoming Freshmen!

Congratulations and thank you for considering Sunny Hills High School Aquatics.  As you enter Sunny Hills High School it is very important that you find “your thing.”  You will find that you will likely have several “your things” at Sunny Hills.  “Your thing” is your school identity, it is what you are, who you are and in many ways it is what defines you on our campus. 

First and foremost, I hope you find that one of “your things” is that you are a successful student.  Doing well in your classes is important, as it leads to many opportunities later on, clearly, what you do NOW opens doors for you LATER. 

Next, I hope that another of “your things” becomes “year round aquatics.”  Our aquatics family is a remarkable group and we are known and respected by faculty and students across the Sunny Hills Campus.  Being one of us will benefit you in many ways.  Instant admiration by your teachers as they know all too well what you do, as I mentioned, we are respected across campus.  If being one of us is one of “your things” you will instantly have brothers and sisters who will look after you and be an excellent resource for you.  Imagine the first day of high school when you already belong to a solid family who can help you find restrooms, the text book center and the cafeteria, Sunny Hills will already feel like home to you.

“Year round aquatics” means you join both our water polo and swim/dive teams.  If you find that “year round aquatics” is one of “your things” you will find that you have a coaching staff that will look after you and make sure you are headed in the right direction.  We are contacts who can go to your teachers when you need help, we are an extra set of eyes watching out for you!  Sure we are consumed by our sport but we cater to the full person and want to make sure that in exchange for your dedicated service over four years that you walk out of Sunny Hills with a direction and a vision of the future!  If you haven’t done so, please go back to our main and see where our graduating seniors go to college!  Our coaching staff works with our seniors to help them select schools, serving as contacts to colleges and assisting players in their application process.   Getting you to where you want is what we want.

I want to welcome you to Sunny Hills and to invite you to introduce yourself to me.   My class room is 184 during the school year and the door is always open.

Coach Nighswonger