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Something To Shoot For





Amanda Solis

'09 '10 '11 '12


Kendall Smith

'13 '14 '15 '16



'08 '09 '10 '11


Josh Klein

'04 '05 '06 '07



Kendall Smith



Christina McEwen 



Brittany Cornwell



Alex Hoetker



Kate Vera



Kendall Smith



Cecilya Lundy



Amanda Solis



Josh Klein 



Alex Hoetker



Amanda Solis



Mike Asendorf



Amanda Solis



Collin Layana



Josh Klein



Blake Cornwell



Kaya Hart



Save Leaders





Nick Loomis

'11 '12 '13


Kathy Hernandez

'13 '14 '15



'09 '10 '11


Sarah Shin

'07 '08 '09



Guardian Lancers

The highest award that a player can receive in our

program is the Guardian Lancer Award.  These are the

captains of our program.”  You are not named a guardian you become one.


Jacob Brooks ‘21

Kyle Lee ‘21

Riley Godfrey‘21

Leoni Nguyen ‘21

Sydney Sereg ‘21

Kelly Wert ‘21

Kristima Aryal ‘22


Cecilia Smith ‘20

Rachel Loomis ‘20

Kaya Hart ‘20

Kristian Chernov ‘19

Cole Seibel  ‘20

Jonathan Sulveran ‘20

Josh Beutter ‘21


Bella Guerrero ‘18

Skylar Bowles ‘18

Isabel Dhillon ‘19

Priscilla Luna ‘19

Diana Wang ‘19

Chris Hwang ‘18


Luke Waugh ‘19

Ben Slope ‘18

Hannah Kim ‘18

Bridget Valdez ‘18


Diana Vargas ‘16

Paulina Luna ‘16

Marissa Khalil ‘17

Tara James ‘17

Jordan Jamie ‘17

Bradley Olivolo ‘17

Tim Koo ‘17

TJ Mandvi ‘17

Hayden Nighswonger ‘17

Thomas Loomis ‘17

Reed Herzog ‘18

Brian Moran ‘17

Daniel Hernandez ‘18


Kevin Glavy '16

Nick Slope '16

Hannah Kim ‘16

Jared Tanielu '17

Kendall Smith ‘16

Matt Fukudome '15

Brandon Sellens '15


Megan Tanielu '15

Kathy Hernandez '15

Connor Hart '15

Seth Nighswonger '15

Matt Chang '15

Elijah Slaven '15

Lucky Jordan '15


Kate Vera '14

Sabrina Jamison '15

Kevin Chant '14

Jared Wright '15


Lexie Benoit '12

Tatiana Tuccio '12

Connie Garcia '13

Alex Paxton '12

Collin Layana '12

Tanner Hart '13

Nick Loomis '14


Kevin Benoit '11

Mike Asendorf '13


Alex Su '04

Kat Cerasuolo '11

Jordan Klein '11

Alex Hoetker '11

Amanda Solis '12

Steve Huang '10

Scott Ninokawa '11


Andrew Lim  '09

Carlie Lyng '09

Devan Lyng '09

Sarah Shin '10

Rachel Lee '10

AmandaRinaTuccio '10


Alyssa Pecora '08

Gretchen Williams '08

Katelyn Forester '08

Jesse Klein '09

Philip Hodge '08

Ryan Sheikh '09

Andy Matsuyama '08


Ariel Gentalen '08

Rachel Vinus-Glazer '07

Cynthia DeWees '07

Jazzmyn Benitez '07

Brittany Cornwell '09

Jordan Bonifacio '07

ScottSmithMatungol '08

Aaron Ninokawa '08


Karina Toriz '07


Jennifer Crampton '05

Sarah Shawesh '05

Shauna Sinclair '05

Cindy Cheng '06

Shannon McEwen '07

Bobby Verry '05

Joe Choi '05

Peter Ahn '07


Amber Tice '05

Christina McEwen '05 

Jesse Meyer '04


Linda Kim '04

Sam Chang '05

Jon Kim '04


Margaret Lim '03

Jessica Ajoux '03

Nicole Layana '03

5 New Guardian Lancers Named

The Freeway League Champion Sunny Hills Lancers Girls Water Polo team named five new Guardian Lancers at the annual awards banquet this week. Riley Godfrey, Sydney Sereg, Leoni Nguyen, Kelly Wert and Kristima Aryal join the fraternity of Sunny Hills Lancer water polo players who have placed team before themselves and dedicated their efforts to preserving the legacy of Sunny Hills Water Polo.

All CIF Honors

 5 members ofThe Sunny Hills Lady Lancer Freeway League Championship Water Polo team have been named to the All CIF Division 3 Team.

1st Team All D-3 CIF-Kaya Hart

2nd Team All D-3 CIF -Sydney Sereg

2nd Team All D-3 CIF - Rachel Loomis

3rd Team All D-3 CIF -Cecilia Smith

3rd  All D-3 CIF - Riley Godfrey

Lady Lancers All Freeway League Team

Seven members of The Sunny Hills Lady Lancer Freeway League Championship Water Polo team have been named to the All Freeway League team. The list of names ties the record for Sunny Hills Water Polo Freeway League award  winners:

Player of The Year-Kaya Hart

1st Team All Freeway League-Sydney Sereg

1st Team All Freeway League- Rachel Loomis

1st Team All Freeway League-Cecilia Smith

2nd Team All Freeway League- Riley Godfrey

2nd Team All Freeway League-Mary-Grace Rovira

2nd Team All Freeway League- Leoni Ngyuen


Lady Lancers Add 3 Straight Title To Impressive List

The Sunny Hills Lady Lancer Water Polo team won its third straight Freeway League Championship with a strong performance in its carousal championship match against Troy. The Lancers were dominant in their 9-5 victory. The Lancers have now won 25 straight Freeway League matches, the longest league winning streak in school history.

Lancers Add Two More Guardian Lancers!

Jacob Brooks and Kyle Lee are the newest additions to the growing list of Guardian Lancers.  The Guardian Lancer Award is the highest honor a Sunny Hills Water Polo player can earn.  It represents outstanding leadership potential and recognizes the sacrifice it takes be a true team player.


Lancers Are CIF Division 3 Runner Up!

On a day that would see the Lady Lancers set 4 school swimming records and record several all-time PBs Sunny Hills came up just short of Crescenta Valley in the Division 3 CIF finals on Thursday. The Lady Lancers set records in all three relays and Sophmore Katie Cho set the Sunny Hills all time butterfly record with an amazing time of :55.93.  The medal dash was impressive as Sunny Hills won a total of 11 medals.  Next for the Lady Lancers is a trip to Fresno for the CIF State Meet.

Cho Destroys Butterfly Record

Katie Cho has broken the 100 yard Butterfly record at Sunny Hills.  With an impressive swim of :56.08 at the Mount Sac Meet Of Champions, Cho broke the record set last year by Teammate, Maya Lee.  There are still more swims this season so we will watch to see if this record gets broken again!

Post Season Honors For Lady Lancers

After winning their second consecutive Freeway League Championship and making their second consecutive run to the final four of Division 4 CIF, several Lady Lancers earned All Freeway League and All CIF honors:

·         Diana Wang-Freeway League Player of The Year

·         Isabel Dhillon-1st Team All Freeway League

·         Priscilla Luna-1st Team All Freeway League

·         Kaya Hart-2nd Team All Freeway League

·         Sydney Sereg-2nd Team All Freeway League

·         Rachel Loomis-2nd Team All Freeway League


·         Kaya Hart-1st Team All CIF

·         Priscilla Luna-1st Team All CIF

·         Diana Wang-2nd Team All CIF

·         Isabel Dhillon-3rd Team All CIF

·         Sydney Sereg-3rd Team All CIF

3 New Guardian Lancers Added

Rachel Loomis, Cecilia Smith and Kaya Hart have been added to the long list of Guardian Lancers.  The trio has demonstrated tremendous commitment and dedication to our water polo  program as they continue to push us to a higher standard!

Lady Lancers Freeway League Champions!

Sunny Hills Lady Lancers are once again Freeway League Champions.  Sunny Hills held off Troy in the championship game of the Freeway League Tournament 6-4 to win their 2nd straight Freeway League Title.  The Lancers finished league season 8-0 giving them an impressive 17 consecutive league wins over the last three seasons.

Lady Lancers Victorious Over Troy

In what proved to be an epic battle, Sunny Hills Lady Lancer Water Polo defeated Troy High School 7-5 in overtime on Wednesday.  Trailing 5-3 at Half time, Sunny Hills chipped away to tie game on a 5 meter penalty shot in the fourth quarter.  The Lancers outscored Troy 2-0 in overtime to take the win.

Lancers Land Freeway League Awards.

Several members of the Boy’s Water Polo Team received post season honors. At last night’s awards banquet, the follow players received All Freeway League honors:

·        Kristian Chernov-1st Team All Freeway League

·        Josh Beutter-1st Team All Freeway League

·        Ruben Parker-1st Team All Freeway League

·        Casey Taylor-2nd Team All Freeway League

·        Cole Seibel-2nd Team All Freeway League


Lady Lancers Win First Freeway League Swimming Title Since 2004

To say the Sunny Hills Lady Lancer Swim and Dive team is on the rise is the understatement of the year.  The Lady Lancers finished off an excellent year by winning our first Freeway League Swim and Dive Championship since 2004.

Tseng and Chang Named Inaugural Lancer Legacy Award Winners

Lancer Swimmers, Courtney Tseng and Nathan Chang were named Lancer Legacy Award Winners at the Sunny Hills Swim and Dive Banquet last Thursday nights.  A brand new award which focuses on leadership, influence and the following description:

1.      “For leaving Sunny Hills Swim and Dive in a stronger position than when you started!”

2.      “For your commitment to year round training.”

3.      “For the inspiration you impart on others.”

4.      “For the spirit and determination you bring to our program.”

5.      “For the examples you set.”

The Lancer Legacy Award will be handed out to swimmers and divers who reflect these values in future seasons.

Courtney Tseng Announces Princeton As Her Choice

After weighing several offers from top schools around the country, Lancer standout swimmer, Courtney Tseng revealed she will swim at Princeton University starting in the Fall.

Wednesday, February 1st was national letter of intent day and Tseng along with 11 other Sunny Hills Lancer athletes made her intentions formal.  Courtney is the second Lancer Aquatic Athlete to attend Princeton.  Jessica Ajoux, attended Princeton and played water polo there from 2003-2007.

Historic Pool Opening!!

It is finally going to happen.  For decades we have waited and now it is going to happen.  On Friday, January 20th Sunny Hills will officially open our new swimming pool complex.  At this time an invitation list is being assembled and we want to make sure you are on that list.  If you are a part of our rich history please send a mailing address so we can include you in the festivities! Click here 


Sunny Hills Aquatics is about tradition.  Boys have played Water Polo at Sunny Hills for over 50 years,  Girls have played Water Polo at Sunny Hills since 2000. Coed Swim and Dive has been at it since 1960.  It is about doing things right in all facets of one's life.  When enough people do enough things the right way, the winning becomes a natural manifestation. 

Things we are proud of:

  • All Of The Good People This Program Has Produced
  • 4 CIF Championships (Boys WP)
  • 2 CIF Swim and Dive Championships (Girls)
  • 14 Times CIF Runner Up (Boys WP)
  • 30 Freeway League Championships (Boys WP)
  • 24 Straight Freeway League Championships (Boys WP) 1969-1993
  • 5 Freeway League Champions 2001, 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2011 (Girls) Since 2000.
  • CIF Playoff Qualifiers 16 times in 17 years (Girls WP)
  • Omar Amr '92, 2004 United States Olympian (Water Polo)
  • Two Navy Seals (Carlo Franzia ’94 and Joe Choi ’05)


Classes Of 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003

Isabel Dhillon ’19 Claremont-Harvey Mudd

Diana Wang ’19 Brown University

Reed Herzog ’18 Univiersity of Texas

Ben Slope ’18 Cal Poly SLO

Skylar Bowles ’18 University of La Verne

Jared Tanielu ’17 Cal State Long Beach

Hayden Nighswonger ’17 University of La Verne

Courtney Tseng ’17 Princeton University

Kendall Smith ’16 University of Hawaii

Hannah Kim ’16 University of Colorado

Nick Slope ’16 Cal State Fullerton University

Sidney Kao ’16 Arizona State University

Megan Tanielu ‘15-Cal State Fullerton University

Matt Chang ‘15-Cal Lutheran

Kathy Hernandez ‘15-UC San Diego

Connor Hart ’15- Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Jared Wright ’15-Fullerton College

Seth Nighswonger ’15-Cal Baptist University

Elijah Slavin ’15-Cal State Fullerton University

Brandon Sellens ’15-University of Arizona

Steven Goodall ’15-University of Arizona

Matt Fukudome ’15-Cal State San Francisco University

Kate Vera ’14-Whittier College

Nick Loomis ‘14-Cal Lutheran

Alex Paxton ‘13-Azusa Pacific University

Cecilia Lunday ‘13-Virgina Military Institute

Will Slope ‘13-Cal Poly SLO

Han Joon Chung ‘13-Cornell

Mike Asendorf ‘13-Cerritos College

Tanner Hart’13-Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Cecilya Lundy ‘13-Virginia Military Institute

Alex Paxton ‘13-Azusa Pacific University

Kerstin Laye ‘13-Mount San Antonio College

Connie Garcia ‘13-Cal Poly Pomona

Mitch Jamison '12-New Mexico State

Collin Layana '12-San Diego State

Calvin Liang '12-Tufts University

Lexie Benoit '12- Colgate University

Amanda Solis '12-UCSD

Tatiana Tuccio '12-Gonzaga University

Julia Vanderpool '12-Notre Dame College of Ohio

Kevin Benoit '11-Lehigh University 

Matt Luka '11-Western Washington U

Kevin Ly '11-UC Riverside

Kody Lyng '11-Colgate University

Scot Ninokawa '11-UCLA

Mayra Davilla '11-San Diego State U

Alex Hoetker '11-Cal State Northridge

Rachel Lee '10 Long Beach State 

Amy Oba '10 UCSD (Pre Med)

Grace Kim '10 UCLA (Pre Dental)

Sarah Oh '10 Biola University

Amanda Rina Tuccio '10 Fullerton CC

Elaine Chiang '10 UCLA

Justin Yoo'10-UCLA

Steven Huang '10-UC Santa Barbara

Sarah Shin '10-Brown University

Devan Lyng '09-University of Colorado

Ryan Sheikh '09-Air Force Academy

Carlie Lyng '09-Cal State Long Beach

Taylor Atnip '09-Colorado School of Mines

Phillip Hodge'08-Stanford

Alyssa Pecora '08-Cal State Monterey Bay

Shannon McEwen '07-UC Santa Barbara

Cindy Cheng'06-Long Beach State

Kevin Hong '06-UC Berkely

Blake Cornwell '06-Fullerton CC/?

Christina McEwen '05-Loyola Marymount

Sam Chang '05-Harvard

Jennifer Crampton '05-Cal Poly Pomona

Amber Tice '05-Cal. State Fullerton

Joe Choi '05-Annapolis (Naval Academy)

Shawn Jun '04-US Naval Academy

Jon Kim '04-Pomona Pitzer

Alex Su '04-Pomona Pitzer

Jesse Meyer '04-Mt. San Antonio

Mike Peltzer '04-UC Irvine

Sarah Kim '04-University of Hawaii

Linda Kim '04-Fullerton UCLA 

Jessica Ajoux '03-Princeton

Margaret Lim '03-UC Irvine

Nicole Layana '03-UC Irvine




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Sunny Hills Swim and Dive Legacy Award Winners:

1.      “For leaving Sunny Hills Swim and Dive in a stronger position than when you started!”

2.      “For your commitment to year round training.”

3.      “For the inspiration you impart on others.”

4.      “For the spirit and determination you bring to our program.”

5.      “For the examples you set.”


Nathan Chang ‘17

Courtney Tseng ‘17



All Time Swimming Records- The following swim records are as official as we know.  If you can provide us with documented (as in a Freeway League Championship meet time) we will adjust our record board!  Submit a time


Women’s 200 Med Relay- 1:47.64 (K. Yee, M Lee, K. Cho, K. Chow) 2019

Men’s 200 Med Relay-1:37.68 (S Kao, J Nasu, L Mao, N Slope) 2016


Women’s 200 Freestyle-Jane Kim 1:49.19 (2005)

Men’s 200 Freestyle-Mark Bucko 1:41.57 (1979)


Women’s 200 IM- Courtney Tseng 2:02.00 (2017)

Men’s 200 IM-Omar Amar 1:56.60 (1992)


Women’s 50 Freestyle- Kim Rosso :24.12 (1985)

Men’s 50 Freestyle-Mike Spicer :20.95 (1981)


Women’s 100 Butterfly- Katie Cho :55.93 (2019)

Men’s 100 Butterfly-Hironari Sakoda :50.12 (1998)


Women’s 100 Freestyle-Jane Kim  :51.67 (2005)

Men’s 100 Freestyle- Mark Bucko :46.72 (1979)


Women’s 500 Freestyle-Courtney Tseng 4:45.92 (2017)

Men’s 500 Freestyle-Sidney Kao 4:32.41 (2014)


Women’s 200 Freestyle Relay-1:42.28 (P. Luna, M. Shin, E. Chai, C. Chai) 2019

Men’s 200 Freestyle Relay-1:26.81 (S Kao, J Nasu, L Mao, N Slope) 2016


Women’s 100 Backstroke-Carissa Abe :56.53 (2003)

Men’s 100 Backstroke-Ahmed Hussein :49.91 (2000)


Women’s 100 Breastroke- Artie Sotiropolous 1:07.30 (2005)

Men’s 100 Breastroke- Seann Schielle :59.32 (1994


Women’s 400 Freestyle Relay- 3:34.92 (E. McIlveen, M. Lee, K. Cho, K. Chow) 2019

Men’s 400 Freestyle Relay-3:11.50 (M, Bucko, T O’Donnell, P Atkinson, D Kanahele) 1978